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How You'll Benefit

In-depth interviews and data analysis that tell the real story and reveal business opportunities

Content Writing

What I Do

I've been freelancing since before it was cool—nearly seven years. In that time, I've written:

- Business-school case studies for the UC-Berkeley Haas School of Business and published by the Harvard Business Review

- Customer stories (case studies)

- White papers

- Website copy

- Trade and association publication articles

- B2B and B2C marketing content


Quick Facts

I combine several strengths to deliver maximum value.

- Deep understanding of your business objectives

- The ability to clearly communicate complex information

- Storytelling that compels your readers to take the next step

I also have expertise in business strategy, copywriting, and quantitative and qualitative research skills so I can deliver content that has the depth and nuance you need. I especially love writing about sustainability, innovation, and strategy, and I leverage that enthusiasm to make working together not just pleasant but fun. 

Welcome. As a writer, I believe my first job is to put myself in the shoes of the reader. That's you, and you're busy, so let's get right to it. I'm a freelance business writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving clients all over the country. I'm well versed in quantitative and qualitative research as well as specific subject matters, including innovation and strategy. I'm the writer you call when you need someone who can do more than just write. 

Customer interviews, competitor analysis, and content maps that transform marketing 

B2B and B2C marketing content that engages readers, no matter how complex the topic  

Branding & Content Strategy

Professional Skills

Quantitative & Qualitative Research

You save time because I turn in content that's clean, lively, and polished. You stop stressing because I ensure my work meets your objectives and engages your audience. And, most importantly, you forge a deeper connection with your audience, the lifeblood of your business. 

I love working with clients on a long-term basis, getting to know what they need most, and continuously improving. Some of my clients include: