Quality content goes beyond communicating the right message to stakeholders. It drives the sales conversation with clients and builds trust and long-term relationships.

My clients appreciate my commitment to:
Quality: my work is polished, professional, and accurate.
Long-term sustainability: I enjoy forming long-term relationships with my clients and getting really good at understanding and meeting their needs.
Continuous improvement: A natural outcome of my love of learning and my commitment to quality, continuous improvement means I am always thinking of how to do an even better job for my clients.

Here are just some samples of my work. To respect my ghostwriting clients, I make those samples available on request. Click here to email me, and I'll be happy to send you a few.

My Work as a Copywriter and Content Marketer

E-newsletter (including three case studies) on how strategic shifts allowed companies to prosper despite difficult economic conditions

E-newsletter on the psychology of risk in business and how to overcome learned helplessness

E-mail marketing campaign (10+ e-mails) for a payments conference

Case study on cloud computing for a leading web services provider

Case studies (set of three) profiling winners of a financial services innovation award

Articles (ghostwritten) for a guide about how middle-market companies can improve their business strategy: included two case studies.

Trade publication article (ghostwritten) on the benefits to community banks of joining a loan-sharing network: two versions for two different publications

Trade publication article (ghostwritten) on the power of sustainability accounting to improve company performance management

White paper (including one case study) on the risks involved in international trade and how to mitigate them

White paper on using social networks to combat chronic disease

White paper on how middle-market companies can reduce costs and enhance business results

White papers (set of two) on innovations in payments systems for public transportation

Policy brief on how California's state budget funds climate adaptation and resilience

Series of flip books (short, lead-generating e-books) for three major technology companies. Flip books cover a wide variety of products, including insurance marketing, enterprise content management, analytics for education, and more.

Series of mock financial statements written for a nonprofit advocating for improved sustainability disclosures in SEC filings. These mock statements serve as a sample for companies implementing the nonprofit's recommended practices.

My Work as a Journalist

University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business case study: Flexibility at Genentech: Developing Versatile Domain Experts and Deploying Flexible Resources at One U.S. Medical Affairs Unit, written with faculty authors Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans

Forthcoming business school cases in progress for the Haas School:
A Major Consumer Packaged Goods Company Seeks to Reward Consumers for Recycling Flexible Film Packaging While Identifying Sources of Shared Value Across the Plastic Packaging Lifecycle (To be published January 2017)

An Environmentally Conscious Apparel Company Expands into Sustainable Food and Seeks Ways to Scale its Efforts (To be the basis for a case competition scheduled for April 2017)

Some of the World's Largest Companies Join Forces to Prototype a Smart Village in India to Improve the Lives of Villagers While Building New Revenue Streams (To be published January 2017)

Risk Management Magazine
Frost Bit: The Risks of Running a Ski Resort
Preparing for the Payment Processing Switch

Digital Transactions

Amazon Muscles Up in Payments
A Rough First Mile: Open-loop contactless payments in transit
Fee Fight (network fees)
Dealing With Dupes (duplicates in remote deposit capture)
Ticket Sales Get Pumped (lotto ticket sales at the gas pump)
Lots of Acquiring Opportunity (mobile phone payments at parking lots)
Good News, Bad News about ACH Fraud
Tablets as Electronic Cash Registers
Prepaid Cards Navigate Durbin Waters

BAI Banking Strategies
The Revenue Growth in Prepaid Cards
Hooking Up: IT and Lines of Business
Large Bank Outlook: More of the Same?

ISO & Agent
Automated CRM Helps ISO Sign Clients
Layers Deter Fraud, Analysts Say
Marijuana Sellers Pose Risk for ISOs
EMV Offers ISOs a Chance for Differentiation

My work as a blogger

The SpareFoot Blog
America's Fashionista Meccas
10 Tidiest Towns in America
America's Top 10 Military Boom Towns
America's 15 Baby Boomer Boom Towns

The Renegade Writer
Are you afraid to pitch editors? This is why you shouldn't be.